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True to the slogan "Engineered to drill", Cenerg mining drill bits have proven to reduce drill bit consumption by over 30% by improved service life and rates of penetration over a variety of formations in Ironore / Gold / Copper / Coal mines.   Where ever a customer has given an opportunity to run a Cenerg product, be it  Australia or Indonesia or Mongolia or Kazakhstan or South Africa or Chile Peru Columbia or USA, the result has been customer delight.  If you have not tested a Cenerg product invite us right away and we can build a custom design to suit the unique formations of your mine.

Formation Type Cenerg Designation IADC Size view Product Product Details Product No.
Medium Hard CN 60 612 6 3/4" 171mm View Click Here M10155
Soft CN 44 4-4-2 9 7/8" 251mm View Click Here M10106
Soft CN 37 4-3-2 9 7/8" 251mm View Click Here M10149
Medium Hard CN 52 5-3-2 9 7/8" 251mm View Click Here M10052
Very Hard CN 70 732 12 1/4" 311mm View Click Here M10075
Very Soft CN 30 4-1-2 9 7/8" 251mm View Click Here M 10284
Very Soft CN 30 412 9" 229mm View Click Here M10181

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